If this is true the Piezo goes on the Bottom?

11/15/20 06:45:59PM

Athena Tiamet

From Benjamin Collie Seymour "actually the back is what vibrates and generates the sound on a dulcimer as the top is separated by the fretboard which runs the length of the body thus making nodes which stop the top from vibrating. That is why the false back on a Galax increases the sound and why scheitholts, epinettes, langeleiks, etc. were set on tables with the table acting as a resonator. Sound generation on a dulcimer is totally different than for most other stringed instruments."

I guess it is different than an HD. Thus even more important is two nicely matched boards or a solid one for the back. So then tops outside of being pretty are insignificant since the back is what resonates. Didn't know that according to Benjamin Collie Seymour. And we should be placing piezos on the bottom then?