New I really have some extra frets!

Cheryl Johnson
05/22/12 01:01:04PM

Just received my Modern Mountain Dulcimer made by David McKinney in Arkansas. (My first dulcimer is McSpadden with 6+ and 13+) I have played a few scales and new chords and so far I really like the 1+/8+ (in addition to the 6+/13+) Some folks have asked "is it necessary". I don't think it is necessary, but it is convenient to add the key of C and G down at the lower register of the instrument. Especially because I've been playing around transposing guitar and fiddle music for the dulcimer.

So far so good! Has a nice sound....deeper than my McSpadden...not better or worse though...just different sound. Also shorter scale length than my McSpadden.