Building Dulcimers Cheap

07/26/21 12:29:25AM

Hey all, when I first started building dulcimers it was a very inexpensive process. Tied on fishing line frets, eyehole screws for tuners, anything made of thin plywood with a 'free' sign got nabbed up and put in the corner of my living room. Now, I'd like to be able to produce some for people in my life that are better quality, but good lord, wood is expensive right now. I am just wondering if any of y'all have tips for ways to acquire decent quality wood at the best prices. In general I'd also like to know if you know of any good sources for cheap tools materials etc. For example, the local goodwill has an 'as is' area of low value items that are sold by weight where I found two busted up guitars that cost me about 2 dollars each. I got 12 quality tuners, a piezo and 50 or so frets for ~4$. It never occurred to me to even look for anything like that and I'm sure there are tons more I'm not aware of.