Just Finished No. 1

07/29/21 09:26:29PM

Hello friends!  I just finished my first mountain dulcimer, made completely from scratch. I used a remnant of a curly maple gunstock blank (one of my other hobbies is building flintlock longrifles), and some scraps of black walnut. I used the article from Woodcraft Magazine as a guide, but made some changes…mostly due to the size lumber I had, and the fact I wanted a scroll peg head. The OAL is 30.5”, and it’s 7” wide, with a 25.5” scale length. I used ukulele tuners from CB Gitty, and a bone nut and saddle. It’s not perfect, but I learned a LOT for future builds…and I’m already planning #2…


DF1E55D393CD40C197BE19575FF36C1D.jpeg 92DB716C02D0464C958CD26E84C7CA58.jpeg DC7C40DC44D042D586D54F6F81DDC801.jpeg 3BF8CD34A5234673B902FA0B8AF83571.jpeg