Thoughts on tonewoods?

08/31/22 04:13:39AM

Just finishing my first and considering a second for family members. I make furniture so have a good stock of woods around (but I'm in UK so what we have here is not always the same as in US - e.g. poplar; maple, decent red cedar are harder to get in UK and even poplar is quite expensive!).
Are there some favoured woods for top, back in particular?
I've used sycamore (close to maple but a little less hard so probably a touch less bright, still crisp and toppy though). I'm thinking more mellow, mid-range this time. Do have some fruitwoods and I've got a board of red cedar which could be promising.
I've got loads of mahogany but I'm not fond aesthetically - could be OK though?

I expect there's a range of woods regarded as good - I'm really focussing on a warm forward mid-range tone from this one.

Any thoughts, experience please?