"Lucy in the Beatles Festival with Effect Pedals"

Sam Edelston
10/06/22 02:22:00PM

In July, I performed in a big Beatles festival in Charlotte, NC, called FabFest. Among their special guest performers were Micky Dolenz (of the Monkees) and The Cyrkle (who had a hit with "Red Rubber Ball" and opened for the Beatles on a tour). I played a daytime concert, which wasn't recorded, and also did a song in their big Saturday evening concert, which had about 1,000 people in the audience.

Director John Tosco asked me to perform "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," because he'd seen that online. That's a technologically demanding song, because it requires two separate sets of effects. To make this work, I used two separate multi-effect pedalboards underneath my dulcimer stand. I pre-assembled everything on a sheet of cardboard, and we pulled that onto the stage.

This is the extended version of the video (fresh from the videographer). It includes John introducing me, and me talking to the audience. The song starts at 2:50, but I included the talking here, because I think people will enjoy it.

The unit to my left is a Headrush Pedalboard, and the unit under the dulcimer is a Headrush Gigboard. Both of them use a series of "models" to simulate the effects of pedals and amps. This was my first performance with them. I think the audience liked it.

Enjoy! 😀