To What Extent Do You Plan Your Builds

06/15/24 12:36:34AM

Hello builders!  Just wondering about y'all's mindset toward planning. Do you operate entirely off plans? Do you build completely off intuition? Or are you somewhere in between?

Personally I like to imagine the dulcimer I'm going to build then make a quick drawing of it's general shape. I decide the VSL based on the size boards I have, and then I just start cutting, and usually by the time it's done it looks nothing like the drawing. Once I get the box assembled I like to make a checklist of each of the steps remaining (eg. Install tuners, glue headstock, cut frets, dress frets install frets, glue fingerboard, stain soundboard, etc) and then I check them off one by one as I do it. Checking off items on the list helps with my motivation.

I'm sure what I do is probably a lot less structured than most builders, but I'd love to know what others do.