Classroom Dulcimer Discovery

John Keane
10/07/12 07:36:25AM

I wanted to share a little discovery concerning a great dulcimer for classroom use (an alternative to cardboard). The Flat Creek Dulcimer Shop in Hardy, Arkansas, makes a tremendous plywood box dulcimer at an affordable price. The numbers are laser-etched on the fretboard (no stickers to come off and get "gummy"), the soundholes are too small for picks to find their way into, the pitch and feel are what one would find in a much more expensive dulcimer, and the sound is big and amazing. I am in the process (thanks to a grant) of replacing 30 cardboard dulcimers with these as we speak. The first 12 have arrived and been in use for a week now. I have nothing but praise for this product! I shopped around VERY carefully trying to find the best dulcimer for elementary aged students for the best price and I'm quite sure that I have found it. The neat thing is that they are very nice playing instruments and suitable for adults as well. Here is a link. This dulcimer is towards the bottom of the page. I hope this information will be of use to someone!