AEA tuning

Terry Wilson
05/30/13 04:30:48PM

Hi folks,

I don't post very much anymore but still check in at least every other day to read what's happening in our world. Always some good stuff.

Thought I would share that I am really loving AEA tuning. As has been posted before by Linda Brockinton and a few others, everything that is played in DAd can also be played in AEA, CGC and I suppose other tunings. I went from DAd to mostly CGC with the encouragement of Dusty Turtle and Linda. But the last couple of days I have been playing my 3 string McSpadden 26" in AEA. I actually added the 4th string back today and I (maybe) am enjoying it just as much.

The reason I tuned to AEA as I was experimenting for the best tuning of "Amazing Grace", TAB and Arrangement by Terry Lewis. I love this arrangement, but am having a tough go of the 2nd part. Difficult for me to finger the chords 660 then 640 and then to 310. I am working on it over and over again, and making progress, but no easy task at this stage of my young career. (The first number is the bass string, middle # middle string & 0 of course is open)

But I love the chords in AEA to this song, so mellow, so soothing to the ear. Now "Old Joe Clark" in AEA just doesn't sound right. I also like Down In The Valley in AEA. Farther Along sounds pretty in AEA, but prefer CGC, needs just a little more zip.

Anyways, just thought someone out there might want to know about AEA tuning.