Fake Books, Guitar Chords and Noter Playing

Garland Coulson
09/22/13 02:26:22PM

I am a beginner who does not read music. I have played a little Native American flute in the past but only by creating my own music and by using same tablature.

I have a new mountain dulcimer and I love that it seems to be a very accessible instruments for beginners, much like the Native American flute.

i have found some tablature online, but most of it is for older music and I would like to get to the point where I could do some sing-a-long songs at our gatherings.

For now, I am playing noter-style rather than chording.

I have a "fake" book that has guitar chords in it for many common songs. But how do I work out the equivalent fret on the MD?

My MD is DAd tuning. I believe that means that my frets work like this.

0 - D

1 - E

2 - F#

3 - G

4 - A

5 - B

6 - C and so on.

So, for the Everly Brothers "Bye Bye Love" the first guitar chords in the fake book are C7, F, C7, F, F7, Bflat, B. How would I work out the equivalent?