Bridge slot-height/depth/fixed/floating?

Jim Damico
11/19/13 07:06:43PM

Well, my first dulcimer build is coming along so far so good (a cigar box mountain dulcimer). Well, we did have to cut a new fretboard (but that's another story).

Today we cut for and installed the nut, and added frets. But when we got to the bridge, I decided to take a break and consult with everyone here first.

Does anyone have experience using a standard delrin bridge (sold by Folkcraft) as a floating bridge? Or does it have too narrow of a base to be used as a floating bridge?

Or am I making this cigar box mountain dulcimer build too complicated? I have a VSL of 25" if that is important.

Would I be better off just cutting a shallow (~1/8") slot and install the delrin bridge that way? Would that give the bridge enough vertical support?

And just found this in another discussion:non-compensated bridge. What is it and should that also be something I consider?

My brother is helping me build this. He has a pretty good wood shop but he's not really set up for too much "detailed" work.

Thanks everyone for you help.