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Shady Grove

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:01:17
Us two fooling around with the old mountain classic Shady Grove..
Theresa Brill
03/16/17 07:37:05AM @theresa-brill:

Thanks so much Jennifer! dulcimer

Jennifer Wren
03/15/17 07:46:14PM @jennifer-wren:

Really beautiful.  Both soothing and haunting at once.

Theresa Brill
03/14/17 10:19:17AM @theresa-brill:

Thanks so much Lisa! heart

03/14/17 12:06:13AM @strumelia:

I just loved this!  clap

Theresa Brill
03/12/17 10:50:08AM @theresa-brill:

Thanks so much Bob! dulcimer

03/12/17 10:01:45AM @bob:

So beautiful!!thumbsup

03/12/17 09:33:03AM @dan:

Spot on!

Theresa Brill
03/12/17 06:58:17AM @theresa-brill:

Thanks David sun

David Preston
03/11/17 10:05:54PM @david-preston:

That worked :) very nice

Theresa Brill
03/11/17 05:03:37PM @theresa-brill:

Thanks so much Sam.  Very much appreciated! dulcimer

03/11/17 04:11:54PM @sam:

Ever a favorite. You dulcimers harmonize wonderfully! This is a really, really pleasant rendition of Shady Grove. 

Theresa Brill
03/11/17 12:00:40PM @theresa-brill:

Thanks very much Steven and Benjamin! 

Ben Barr Jr
03/11/17 11:59:34AM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Very enjoyable!

Steven Berger
03/11/17 10:39:20AM @steven-berger:

Nicely played!



Theresa Brill
03/11/17 10:26:19AM @theresa-brill:

Nothing better than a Dulcimer duet with the one you love heart