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Cantiga 384 on a Celtic Strum

Cantiga 384 on a Celtic Strum

style or instrument: Strumstick

musician/member name: tukanu

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Canadian Dulcimer Boy
03/30/22 02:23:30PM @canadian-dulcimer-boy:

A beautiful piece and well played. I look forward to exploring some cantiga variations as I improve on the dulcimer. 

12/07/21 11:16:55PM @studentofrhythm:

I love the Cantigas.  This fits the instrument perfectly, sounds just right for a campfire.

Kevin Burns
09/19/21 12:01:52PM @kevin-burns:

Very nice nod

Dusty Turtle
09/15/21 07:34:48PM @dusty-turtle:


Peter Corser
09/15/21 06:33:39AM @peter-corser:

As Strumelia said, beautifully played.

09/13/21 03:21:36PM @strumelia:

Beautifully played Tukanu!

Robin Thompson
09/13/21 01:23:09PM @robin-thompson:

Tukanu, your play sounds lovely, just right on your new build!