Pick v Quill

Robin Clark
04/22/13 06:07:00PM

392_discussions.jpg?width=750 Cheryl Johnson very kindly sent me a noter of the design that Phyllis Gaskins uses for Galax playing and also a couple of the Dunlop 0.46mm nylon picks she favours.

I've been trying out the new noter this evening and also the pick. Here is a short recording of my Dave Lynch Galax dulcimer using first the Dunlop pick and then a quill. Personally, I'm more used to using the quill and think it is a little 'snappier' than the pick sound. Unfortunately quills are also 'snappier' in the 'break easily' sense of the word too Frown.gif

The noter is great and very easy to use. I have watched Phyllis on video and read her book, and so haveused her noter grip too.