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Will The Circle Be Unbroken

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Sue Simms
07/17/10 10:55:14AM @sue-simms:
This is just great " so touches the Heart Smile.gif
Robin Clark
07/10/10 04:52:50AM @robin-clark:
That's a lovely recording.And the metronome tip is excellent!!!Timing is everything. You can get away with the odd bum note but not with being out of time.I'm lucky enough to have other musicians to take my timing off almost every day. At last night's session we had guitar, banjo, mandola, 3 x fiddles, MD and double bass. It is the bass that should lead. Although that fact does need pressing home with some session members!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
John Henry
07/10/10 03:28:23AM @john-henry:
Flint's comment about the metronome is typical of what makes this such a good site! For those players who do not often get to meet with others , such tips may well help them progress their playing.thank you Flint HillJohn
Flint Hill
07/09/10 10:43:35PM @flint-hill:
Thanks Sue, and thanks for the note, too.I practice everyday with a metronome. Everytime I am going to record something that other people are going to see I gradually crank the metronome up until I can play it reasonably smoothly 10-15 beats per minute faster than I plan to record it. Sometimes this takes several days, and sometimes I can't do it at all. Smile.gif Then, when I sit down to record, I crank the metronome back down 10-15, play it through a few times and then record it. That's smoothness training, I guess you'd call it.A marvelous thing happens when you slow it down. You feel like the notes have lots of space around them and you can hit them all more smoothly than before.Anyway that's how I do it. The metronome is really a song-saver. If I don't practice with it, I sound really unrhythmic.
Sue Simms
07/09/10 08:40:58PM @sue-simms:
You Play so smooth"just gliding" and your pickin is awesome. Smile.gif
Sue Simms
06/26/10 10:37:21AM @sue-simms:
I tend to want to pick like this I suppose from me playing Banjo . I do the Pics of the Banjo as well on the Dulcimer and I just Love it.
Sue Simms
06/09/10 09:14:28PM @sue-simms:
This is Great ! I have got to practice that finger picking " I like that