joe sanguinette
3 weeks ago
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i remembr bert berry.  he ordered beginner books from  me a dozen at a time to give his customers when they bought a dulcimer.  i never met

him but we talked on the phone once a year or so.  he was very nice and we had interesting conversations.  i don't think he made a lot of

instruments.  finding one for sale would be a great find

Ken Hulme
4 weeks ago
1,395 posts

There are only a handful of mentions of Bert Berry dulcimers, here, of ED and on Facebook.   The last interaction I can find is 2013, when member Bill Mosely here, wrote about learning dulcimer building from him.   There is no website, and no Facebook page.


4 weeks ago
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I am searching for a dulcimer built by Bert Berry (Virginia maker). Does anyone own one or have any information? Thanks