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Liza Jane

musician/member name: Comedy
Duration: 00:01:12
Liza Jane on mountain dulcimer
06/01/19 01:55:20PM @ariane:

Very beautifully played, Kjb - with much drive jive

05/13/19 03:43:26PM @kjb:

Hi Dusty.  I checked out the Call the Tune page, but from what I see no one has posted on there for three years.  A pity.  I enjoy a similar page on mandolincafe.

05/12/19 03:51:48PM @kjb:

Irene- I play with 4 strings DADD.

05/11/19 11:38:23PM @irene:

AND I really enjoyed this and enjoyed how it was photographed while playing it.  This got me working on my dulcimers SMACK RIGHT THEN....and got that happy song going on in my head and on the different dulcimers I have.   boy, they all sound different, eh.  Just for interest....do you use 4 strings or 3 strings on your dulcimer?   aloha, irene

Dusty Turtle
05/11/19 06:15:57PM @dusty-turtle:

That's a fun one, @Kjb.  You've got some good syncopation going on at the beginning of the B part.

By the way, if you really want to invite others to post their versions of a particular song, you should consider the Call the Tune Group .  That's what it's for!  Just start a new discussion with the song as the title of the discussion. It can be really interesting to hear the different styles of play and different versions of tunes people come up with.

05/11/19 02:30:51PM @dan:

One of my favorite tunes! 

Steven Berger
05/11/19 02:10:10PM @steven-berger:

Well played, Kjb!

05/11/19 01:28:29PM @kjb:

My second posting.  I learned Liza Jane on mandolin and thought it would be a good one for dulcimer.  The two versions are very different.  It seems there’s a lot of different versions by this title, plus Little Liza Jane, which is another tune.  Anyway I love the tune.  It’s simple but gets in your head.  Anyone have other versions?