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War Hent Kerrigouarch

War Hent Kerrigouarch

style or instrument: Fingerpicking- Hourglass Dulcimer.(Maker-V. Hughes)

musician/member name: V. Hughes

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10/11/21 05:44:22AM @macaodha:

Did not know Jamie composed that tune, he stayed with me one night back in the 70's when the Battlefield Band  played our Folk Club here in Tullamore.

Pierre-Yves Donnio
10/10/21 09:14:05AM @pierre-yves-donnio:

clapper "On the road to Kerrigouarc'h" a Breton tune composed by Jamie McMenemy, a scottish musician who lives in Brittany

06/03/21 10:55:37AM @macaodha:

Robin, Leo thank you and all for listening.

Leo Kretzner
06/02/21 05:32:52PM @leo-kretzner:

Really nice! Very haunting... 

Robin Thompson
05/31/21 09:04:51AM @robin-thompson:

Val, this is lovely-- so beautifully played!  And the instrument sounds wonderful, too.