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Country: GB

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02/10/15 09:19:43AM @volha:

Hi Peter!

Thank you very much for your advice. Now I've decided to buy Mr. Hensley dulcimer(from USA), but I'll take in mind this seller from UK. On his site he write that shipping costs are 'for main UK', but I think that it's possible to talk about shipping to Belarus too.

01/10/13 11:55:35AM @brian2:

there was nowt tardy about your response Pete, c'est la vie n aw that !

i'm up n down to edinburgh quite a bit ... so i'll message you in advance and see if we can meet up ....

i know only 1 other person who plays a dulcimer... he lives in edinburgh, spends a fortune on them ( think he has 15) but he doesnt play enough

talk with you soon


11/29/12 08:16:48PM @brian2:

hi pete, we're practically neighbours give n take a few miles ....we should meet sometime. I visit auld reekie quite a bit so hopefully sometime that i'm there ... talk to you soon i hope

Helen Seiler
11/09/12 04:16:28AM @helen-seiler:
That is such a clever idea. No wonder it sounds so great. H
Helen Seiler
11/08/12 02:44:12PM @helen-seiler:
Thanks for the links Peter. I love the epinette and the others are really interesting too. A bit expensive for my budget. I see the frets, unlike a dulcimer , are evenly spaced. Does this give u more notes to play with as in other chromatic keyboards? I love the full six string sound. Very very interesting. Ta Helen.
Helen Seiler
11/07/12 04:51:49PM @helen-seiler:
A question for you Peter...what price do epinettes start at? I watched a couple being played on youtube this morning. Ta Helen
Helen Seiler
11/07/12 03:08:03PM @helen-seiler:
Outstanding effort Peter!! Wow, playing in those fabulous old churches - I am so jealous. That would be wonderful. Thank you so much for letting me know how you got on. I am preparing for next local market in ten days. Learning some new songs from Stephen Seifert's Join the Jam in DAd. It is a book of 73 songs with 3 cds on which he plays each song slowly so u can join in, learn the tune then speed it up as you practice. He has a DAA version too. I am off to buy a small marquee today so I can keep myself dry and out of the heat at the market. We have crazy weather down where I am. (About a two hour drive west of Melbourne). So where are you playing next? Cheers Helen
Helen Seiler
10/23/12 03:57:41PM @helen-seiler:
I hope you do play in France Peter. The setting sounds devine. Be brave and please let me know how you go. I found starting with the two songs I new really well helped with nerves.
Helen Seiler
10/19/12 04:07:50PM @helen-seiler:
Gadday Peter. Thank you for your encouragement. I really like the idea of not being the centre of attention at the market. But I do hope people will be curious enough to ask a question or two. Peebles is a sweet name for a town. I used to live in a little place called Snake old mining town (well, old by Aussie history)...yep, there was the odd snake but no-more really than most of country Oz. You just learn not to surprise or stir them up. Happy strumming! Helen
Blue Hand
12/06/10 10:23:57AM @blue-hand:
Hi Peter,Of course i dont mind your curiosity. As for now i haven't specialized myself in a specific area. But my favorite period is the Migration period/early Middle Ages. Nice to hear that you are an archaeologist as well. In about half a year i will be done with my study and will start working. I'm really looking forward to it!Thank you for the comment!Patrick
Geoff Black
11/09/10 03:48:50PM @geoff-black:
PeterWelcome to the UK FOMD Group.You're a long way north, but there's an event in March 2011 for all abilities of MD players in Northumberland if you're interested.Look forward to meeting you.Geoff Black
Rod Westerfield
08/24/09 05:40:40PM @rod-westerfield:
Welcome.. glad ya found the family...a have returned to the dulcimer playing..