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Gregg Schneeman

The Traumscheit

The much profaned Tromba Marina was originally a single monochord...
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Gregg Schneeman


Raffeles are one family of the Mountain Dulcimer's European cousins....
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Gregg Schneeman

Dorsey Dulcimer Builder and Player

I'm wondering if anyone in this group could tell me more than I know...
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Bobbi Adler
05/23/15 01:56:19PM @bobbi-adler:

Well, Gregg, since you asked, the Southern California Harvest Festival of Dulcimers will take place Saturday, October 10, at the Presbyterian Church of the Covenant in Costa Mesa, California. With featured FD artist Bing Futch, and many local artists/teachers including Joellen Lapidus, we believe everyone who is able to come will have a day to remember! Oh, and a fellow named Gregg is teaching bowed psaltry. Check him out.

Smiling, Bobbi

Diane greenseid
10/20/14 09:00:23PM @diane-greenseid:
Hi Greg, thank you! Where do you love in L.A?
Howard Rugg
10/15/14 12:49:21PM @howard-rugg:

Hey Gregg... How the hell are you, long time no see.