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Scott Allen
03/30/11 01:43:11PM @scott-allen:

I like it! What a nice traditional sound (both singing and the instrument)


03/28/11 09:38:59PM @pristine2:
This is just perfect.
Sue Simms
07/09/10 08:45:38PM @sue-simms:
This is Great Smile.gif
11/30/09 07:04:08PM @razyn:
We recently had a Russian friend as a guest for five days, a famous basso who has an amazing resume. Among other things, he mentioned that he has sung before six heads of state... we were thinking, like, presidents, kings and queens, etc. But then he started ticking them off: "Nikita Krushchev, Leonid Brezhnev, Ho Chi Minh, Fidel Castro, Walter Ulbricht..." It seems that a person who is the bass soloist with the Moscow Philharmonic is called upon to enhance State Occasions of the Third Kind, so to speak. But now he's a US citizen, and teaches voice at a Russian Orthodox seminary in New York. Anyway, I digress (as usual).The thing is, when Anatoli visits here, he always wants me to improve my vocal technique. This can be a little annoying, like having someone looking over your shoulder while you type. I'll say some relatively normal thing, like "good morning," and he bellows, "SUPPORT!" (It seems I was not breathing from my diaphragm. For some obscure, didactic reason, he cares.)So naturally, while he was here I logged onto FOTMD, and played this clip for him... He was fascinated, hanging on every word, it seemed. When the piece was over, with a perfectly straight face, he asked, "What language are you singing?"
11/30/09 04:03:16PM @foggers:
What an absolute delight!
11/30/09 03:53:10PM @strumelia:
I'm with you, Andy. It's definitely my cup of tea too. :D
11/11/09 04:10:34PM @razyn:
This is indexed as "Old Woman and the Pig, The," in Jean Ritchie, Folk Songs of the Southern Appalachians as sung by Jean Ritchie, (New York: Oak Publications, 1965), p. 27. The discography says it was on Elektra EKL-125, Jean Ritchie, a record I don't own -- but I did learn it from a record, not from the book. Perhaps, one of the earlier Newport Folk Festival albums?
11/05/09 11:29:14AM @razyn:
Thank you. It's also hard, or anyway out of character, for me to do that bust-a-gut style singing before a group that knows me, and knows that I am actually a pretty quiet person. And my grammar is a normally little better than that of the song -- but I do have the KY-TN accent. I particularly like the way my wife listens to the lyric, and visibly sympathizes as all the characters pass away. Very sad.The video camera was set up at the side for an open mike, in which most of the performers faced the audience (rather than each other). That's why it's shot over my shoulder -- she couldn't plant her tripod (and herself) out in the middle of the room, blocking the view for about 30-40 people.
Flint Hill
11/05/09 10:53:08AM @flint-hill:
Listened to this a few times since you posted it. You both do a fine job on the instrument, and the dulcimer supports the vocals really well. It's hard to get the vocals right on a deadpan/ seriocomic song like this one, but you nailed it, I think.
Ken Longfield
10/29/09 01:39:00PM @ken-longfield:
Dick, thanks for sharing this video. I enjoyed it very much. I just love that song.
Robin Thompson
10/27/09 09:11:20AM @robin-thompson:
That's just cool, Dick!
10/27/09 08:45:50AM @strumelia:
I just love it! :)
10/27/09 08:42:18AM @razyn:
Thanks for the kind words. This TMB is described in a lot of detail on an ED thread I started last fall. I think this link will take you to the post with the pictures. There are some more measurements, etc. later in the thread, because at least one guy (Frimp) wanted to make a reproduction TMB and was asking for the dimensions of all the parts. That thread also has links to other TMB discussions on ED, to the Nashville dulcimer group's newsletter, to some sites with Psalmodikon pictures, etc. I think the most relevant post was on the evening of Nov. 8, 2008, in case this link doesn't take you directly to it: http://everythingdulcimer.com/discuss/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=17860&start=12#p228188 Dick