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I have a very interesting and very playable old mountain dulcimer that...
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06/24/17 02:22:14PM @marg:

 A post on everythingdulcimer Nov '08 (pass on this Carrell. I've got a pretty nice one waiting for me at Bill's. It's a teardrop, not a fiddleback, but it sure is purty: )  You have a photo of a Carrell tear drop you were hoping to get when you came over.

I was wondering if you know any info concerning Carrell's dulcimers with the reason behind ('weeping hearts',  'trailing hearts' or 'crying hearts')  sound hole design?

I just picked up a fiddleback one of his, 1984 with the same trailing hearts as yours & the same stretched out head, see photos.

I hope you are well

cynthia copeland
01/10/14 03:02:34AM @cynthia-copeland:

I hope you don't feel too overwhelmed by my massive number of comments/presence on finding you here on FOTMD, it's just that I was blown away by your Youtube videos last night and then I recognized your style of playing and "You." I won't be a nuisance, Richard. I'm just a struggling dulcimer player, like you, but not nearly as talented and with all the time in the world right now.

Dan Goad
04/27/13 11:17:52PM @dan-goad:

Thanks for info, Richard. What string gauges do you use with it? Also I would like to know the tuning you use and what you set the VSL at, since it has a movable bridge.

Geoff Black
09/28/12 05:28:46AM @geoff-black:


Just send an "Add as friend" message...without a note - sorry!

Am about to release my third mountain dulcimer catalogue and thought you might well be interested as a collector and connoisseur. Would also welcome your knowledge on 60s-80s makers. If you give me an email address, I'll forward it in pdf format.

All the best.


Cheryl Forget
08/25/09 08:47:17PM @cheryl-e-forget:
pristine2, things are great here as I have my new dulcimer built by Mary Matarainen of Laurel Mountain Dulcimers in CT. If you have not yet seen the pics they are also on her web page and click on Teardrop Dulcimer Gallery and my dulcimer is the first one there. How are things with you?
Cheryl Forget
08/16/09 02:11:11PM @cheryl-e-forget:
Hi pristine2, thanks for the invite and how is your son doing?Cheryl