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Sweet Love Goodnight

Sweet Love Goodnight

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I arrived as a stranger...and as a stranger I departed. An original song by Steve Gray from "The Winterland".
01/28/20 07:11:52AM @redmando:

Thanks for listening @Gordon-Hardy and @Robin-Thompson. Yes, I have been steeped in English (and other) folk music for a long time, so it shows in my own songs.

Gordon Hardy
01/27/20 11:56:32AM @gordon-hardy:

Thanks for sharing Steve, great original composition, pleased to hear you singing.

Robin Thompson
01/27/20 08:44:22AM @robin-thompson:

Steve (Redmando), such a good composition!  So well played and sung and it's a special treat to hear it from the composer.  You carry on the deep tradition of English folks music.  (An aside:  I'm reading Shirley Collins's autobiography now.)