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Rockingham County Senior Games performance

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Christopher Mac Auliffe
12/30/12 09:23:38AM @christopher-mac-auliffe:

This is a great video, the sound is truly amazing.Grin.gif

09/02/09 05:53:59PM @razyn:
Kinda surprised to see a Southern Harmony song on a dulcimer video... since tradition sings w/o instrumental accompaniment. One of my faves, though. One of these days, I'll have a book out with a little chapter about the guy who wrote the words to Holy Manna. (It's "in press," but still a secret.) This is the opening hymn at the annual Big Singin' in Benton, KY.
Rod Westerfield
08/17/09 09:44:58PM @rod-westerfield:
Yes very good, your timing is great... and the control into the pause and out was awesome...
Randy Adams
08/17/09 09:34:54PM @randy-adams:
Hey this is very cool here guys gots a good sound....& are playing a tune that fits a buncha dulcimers perfectly. Nice arrangement & great singing. Thx!