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Sally Pena

Renaissance Music

I was a last-minute attendee at Cullowhee, took the place of our...
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Sally Pena

Carolinas and the Mountain Dulcimer

Of course, we from the Carolinas want to believe that it was our...
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Buzzing Strings

Posted: Tuesday May 17 2016, 9:15 AM
By: @Colleen Hailey


Gary Major
08/04/14 09:34:31PM @gary-major:

Thanks Sally: Had to retake about 100 times lol I love this instrument. Not to hard to learn.Smile.gif

Wilfried Ulrich
07/03/11 10:44:58AM @wilfried-ulrich:

Hello Sally,

my book "The Story of the Hummel" was printed as the catalogue of the exhibition "Die Hummel" in the Museum Cloppenburg / Germany. More than 50 historical instruments were shown. Look at:

181 pages, colour photos, history of the instrument from medieval times to 20th century, 44 instruments in the appendix with all measurements. hardcover.

The price is 22,- + 7,- shipping (around 42 $ ) Shipping time could be 3 weeks because of proof at airports. 2 books had a shipping time of 6 weeks !!! (with a steamship?) Best is to pay with Paypal in (EURO) to my e-mail adress

best regards


05/02/10 09:11:57PM @strumelia:
Hi Sally, No i have had no plans to go to Kentucky music week.... sorry!It would be nice, but too much other stuff going on here and I don't travel very often.
Sally Pena
01/23/10 03:28:11PM @sally-pena:
Thanks a bunch!
John Henry
12/21/09 08:56:05AM @john-henry:
Happy Christmas Sally, you were the first contact I made on FOTMD.JohnH
Bing Futch
09/07/09 08:39:30AM @bing-futch:
Hello! We can ship you some Orlando crazies if you want. Anything to help. : )
nick o'sullivan
08/31/09 09:00:24AM @nick-osullivan:
Hi Sally,They are two bourees from France ~ where they are played on hurdy-gurdies and bagpipes. I play them on my Ken Bloom 5 string chromatic dulcimer.I'll be posting more tunes shortly.ThanksNick
08/29/09 10:12:26AM @foggers:
Hello - yes we are friends now! SO you can call me Jane!
nick o'sullivan
08/28/09 03:33:07PM @nick-osullivan:
Hi Sally,Thanks for the welcome. I've added some tunes and photos to my page enjoy!Nick
Ken Hulme
08/25/09 06:16:35PM @ken-hulme:
Sure Sally, I'll be yer friend!
John Henry
08/23/09 06:16:55PM @john-henry:
Sally, good to hear from you, its my great,grandson,9 years old last saturday, a keen sportsman,an attentive scholar, at at the moment a would be dulcimer player (both types are around the house, he plays on whichever takes his fancy). Thank you for the welcomeJohn
John Shaw
08/23/09 09:26:23AM @john-shaw:
Hello Sally - You are quite right. Although I've been to quite a lot of places in Scotland, I've never been to Dornoch! Best wishes, John.
Doug Berch
08/21/09 10:00:31PM @doug-berch:
Thanks Sally. I guess I play what I like to play, sometimes traditional, sometimes not. As long as it's fun then all is well!
Doug Berch
08/20/09 05:14:51PM @doug-berch:
Hi Sally,i appreciate your choice of words about my "courage with the dlcimer." I'm not exactly sure what that means but it makes me feel good! Hope to see you at Cullowee next year!