Workshop Fret Calculator

john p
09/26/14 10:38:18AM

A couple of fret calculators, designed to produce customized fret lists for workshop use.

This started life many moons ago as a guitar fret calculator I did for a mate, and then it gradually got extended. It was not very user friendly and the source code had to be hacked about at runtime to get what you wanted.

I've finally got around to putting a frontend on it.


The aim has been to produce a calculator that has a familiar and easy to use interface.

Output precision can be set to the number of decimal places you want.

The printed output list can be edited and the layout changed to suit your needs in the workshop.

If you're brave enough to take a computer into the workshop the program can be run from a thumbdrive if you want, without the need for an internet connection or printer.

There's a 'How to Use' file included, post back here if you need help or further explaination.

Other features could be added, if you have any suggestions ???


Fret List MT

For older style dulcimers. No option for extra frets.

Equal Temp and Mean tone(1/4 comma).


Fret List v1.2

For newer style dulcimers, with options for extra frets, and guitar scales.

Equal Temp only.