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Blue Hand - The Burning Of The Piper's Hut

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Duration: 00:05:27
Me playing the Scottish traditional The Burning Of The Piper's Hut on my dulcimer
12/26/11 02:36:04PM @strumelia:

As always, I just love your musical sense and what you do. So beautiful!

Blue Hand
12/26/11 03:40:21AM @blue-hand:

Thank you all for the comments. As for the recording and the instruments used:

I used a multitrack recorder in order to record this. The instruments used are my McSpadden capoed at the 5th fret and a Shruti box, which is an Harmonium like instrument which provides a drone and is used as an accompaniment to other instruments.

John Keane
12/23/11 04:42:04PM @john-keane:

Very cool approach to this it!

John Henry
12/23/11 01:23:52PM @john-henry:

I really enjoyed that Bluehand, would you care to share some info on the instrument/s you used ?


Dan Goad
12/23/11 12:02:50PM @dan-goad:

Excellent playing, my friend. Thats a very haunting melody. I loved it.

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