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DulcimerSongbag6: rhythmic strumming, Skip to My Lou

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:05
Rhythmic Strumming, common time, skipwise intervals.
Traditional noter and pick using turkey quill.
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09/17/15 05:42:45AM @sam:

When I researched using a quill, I only saw the method Strumelia added. The quill was stripped, held by the 'big' end and the thin end then was clipped back to give the amount of flexibility or stiffness the individual player liked. I do like the sound achieved this way, but I am not proficient at the 'egg beating' ... for me it's more like grain threshing. sniffcry

09/16/15 01:38:32PM @strumelia:

There are various distinct ways of using quills in the right hand.

One is by sharpening or thinning the thick end, as one would to make a writing pen.  And holding it generally vertically to strum the strings across or pluck them individually.  Like Jean here:

Or you can do the same but hold the quill more horizontally as Dorthy does in this Discussion's video.

You can also use the other thinner more flexible end of the feather, strip the feather ribs off so you are left with the 'stem', and hold it horizontally and WHIP it like scrambling eggs- this is a technique used in Galax style (but not limited to Galax style):  

  Some handy tips on trimming quills for use with the thin end:

09/16/15 11:57:23AM @dronestyles:

While we are on the subject of quills, I haven't tried it, but I understand crow quills are very durable.  I learned that from a harpsichord player who uses them  for the plactra. 

09/16/15 11:52:50AM @dronestyles:

Sam, interesting.  So how do you usually hold the feather?

09/16/15 05:39:29AM @sam:

A very good instructional video. You've given clear detail with excellent example. I'd never seen anyone strum with that end of the quill before. I'll have to try it. 

Sweet singing voice too!  

This is a real treat, THANK YOU!!!

Lexie R Oakley
09/15/15 12:28:11PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Very nice demos, we all appreciate your detail on techniques. I like how you trim your quill.