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Travis-Based Picking

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Flint Hill
08/08/12 10:07:18PM @flint-hill:

Thanks Gayle. I have a few videos at YouTube that go into the Travis picking thing in greater detail. Of course you have to stand Travis picking on it's head to make it work on a dulcimer, but it is a pinch style picking that I developed in conscious imitation of Travis picking.


"Handsome Molly" has instructions for 4-beat songs and "Four Marys" has instructions for 3-beat songs.

Any of the others that show a dulcimer in the thumbnail show this Travis-like picking.

Thanks again for commenting.

Sue Simms
07/17/10 10:58:49AM @sue-simms:
Love this song and appreciate the demo of travis picking. This is Great and helps me so much Grin.gif
Sue Simms
07/05/10 11:44:44AM @sue-simms:
Love this ! Grin.gif
Flint Hill
01/13/10 08:17:50PM @flint-hill:
Thanks Randy. I've always been a one-trick pony on the guitar, and that trick was Travis picking, so when I took up dulcimer after my left hand went south, it seemed like a natural thing to try to adapt to dulcimer.
Randy Adams
01/13/10 07:00:05PM @randy-adams:
I wondered how you did that right hand sound Ken...thx for showing us........Blue's up in heaven left me behind......'bout my favert tune.....