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High Dronesome Sound

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Duration: 00:03:42
Using a reverse capo to get a high-pitched drone string on a mountain dulcimer, along with a scratch-picking style that sounds a little like frailing.Demonstrated with a bone-simple rendition of Shady Grove.
10/10/16 10:26:27PM @strumelia:

Visiting this again-  what a great sound you get Ken.

Flint Hill
07/07/10 09:55:09PM @flint-hill:
Thanks, Sue. That scratch-picking is pretty easy to pick up quickly.
Sue Simms
07/07/10 09:02:38PM @sue-simms:
This is Great Flint Smile.gif
Flint Hill
04/18/10 12:02:39PM @flint-hill:
Thanks, Randy, Robin, Tom, Jim and Lisa! Your encouragement helps a lot.I'm going to play around with this some more -- I don't think it's quite right yet. My fingers aren't used to playing like this, so it's kind of stilted, and I need to see what has to be added to it to play a more complicated line. (Maybe crossing over to the melody string with the index finger to get more melody notes in the line.)
04/18/10 11:31:49AM @strumelia:
Very nice, Ken! I love that light high parchment-y sound. Real old sound appeal.
Tom McDonald
04/18/10 12:42:31AM @tom-mcdonald:
Cool! I was just working on this song tonight, looks like I need to try DAC too;
Robin Thompson
04/16/10 10:57:57PM @robin-thompson:
I like your high dronesome sound a lot, Ken. Got a tune ready for us? Hope so!
Randy Adams
04/16/10 10:43:49PM @randy-adams:
This is great Ken. That's the closest I ever heard to clawhammer banjo on a dulcimer....& your fingerpicking is something else. Thx...