Is anyone familiar with Sourwood Dulcimers?

Rob N Lackey
Rob N Lackey
7 years ago
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It sure looks nice; I'd love to hear it.  Maybe Jerry Rockwell might know something about the maker?


Jan Potts
Jan Potts
7 years ago
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This is beautiful, top and bottom!  Have never heard of the maker, though.

I'm wondering if the top could be sour gum.


Jan Potts, Lexington, KY
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Robin Thompson
Robin Thompson
7 years ago
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Wow, that top is beautiful!  

I wish I knew something about thie maker!  Ohio's had lots of dulcimer makers doing really fine work.  :)

Estes George
Estes George
7 years ago
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I recently came into a Sourwood Dulcimer, (DAD strikes again) Made by Anton Zaplata, Lisbon Ohio.

 Very nicely made, great wood, Wormy Butternut, and either Cherry or Chestnut back and sides. Didn't know if anyone had heard of him, I'm not finding a lot of info out there so just thought I'd ask the far more knowledgeable folks than myself.

37 1/2 inch length, 26 5/8 VSL, 2 inch deep.

 A few pictures attached, Thanks again.

(Dulcimer is the voice of Angels)

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