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Salt Springs
Salt Springs
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Mike Sanderson is still an active vendor in Northern Michigan and is listed as a vendor in the Original Dulcimer Players Newsletter...........Paula Brawdy should be able to find away for you to get in touch with him...........you might send her a private message and see if she can help.  I am told he makes a fine dulcimer too...........and it looks like you have one.

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Here's the other dulcimer I have. There's a label inside that says "Michael Sanderson" and "Sylvan Music" and "Harbor Springs, Mich.," with what I assume to be a serial number in the low 100s. It's got a deeper, richer tone than my Roosebeck Grace Mountain. 

Does anyone else have an instrument from Mr. Sanderson? I looked around and found only two pieces of information about him, which is from 2000 or so. The instrument (the label inside) is from 2011. My mother bought it from someone in June 2016, and I inherited it from her.

What sort of wood does this look to be?




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