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Garret, I don't own a Bear Meadow dulcimer, but I have two friends who have them and swear by them.  One actually owns two.  Their action rivals that of any other high-end dulcimers.  Their volume is not as great as the other really LOUD dulcimers out there (I have three that are probably louder: Modern Mountain Dulcimer, Rick Probst, and Terry McCafferty) but the Bear Meadows have a tonal balance that puts all the others to shame.  Most dulcimers tend to privilege either the high tones or the bass tones, but Bear Meadow dulcimers are just exquisitely balanced.

Dwain has posted some sound samples on the website.  Give them a listen.

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Hello, All,

     I am curious about the Bear Meadow hourglass dulcimers, those with a 27 5/8" vibrating string length.  Can anyone tell me how their timbre, attack, sustain, volume, and overall tone compare with the traditional McSpadden dulcimers?  Thanks!  

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