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Location: Aiken, SC
Country: US

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Jan Potts
09/16/19 08:23:08PM @jan-potts:

Gary?  You still in Aiken?  Do you still have any interest in buying my Bonnie Carol ?

Gary Warnock
06/06/18 11:38:58AM @gary-warnock:

No I have not.  I sold the Sunhearth,but still have the Probst.  Let me know if you need additional pics or video.

06/06/18 11:31:25AM @dulcicat:

Hi Gary, - have you sold the Rick Probst dulcimer that I saw on Youtube? Thanks!

Jan Potts
08/10/15 11:24:41PM @jan-potts:

May not be yours....Made in 2008, #381, a wide-body hourglass with "starburst" soundholes (my name for them).  I have in my notes it's "cherry with maple binding".  Can't seem to locate a photo of it in my computer...I purchased it from Ken Whitlock after he'd had it about 5 years.  I think he said the original owner was in the Cincinnati Symphony.  Does that sound like you?  Anyway, I love it and it's NOT currently for sale, but if I ever did sell it, I thought it would be nice to give the original owner first dibs on buying it if, for some reason, he wanted it back.  Kind of a mystery....





Jan Potts
08/10/15 02:55:30AM @jan-potts:

Gary, I have no idea if you will ever see this note.... but I think you were possibly the person who commissioned the Bonnie Carol dulcimer I now own, which I purchased locally in Lexington, KY. Are you that person?  I talked to Bonnie a few weeks ago and she said you had her make you another one...not sure if it's completed or not.     I had always intended to give you first dibs on mine if I ever decided to sell it--but hadn't been successful at locating you.      Jan Potts

02/06/11 10:44:31PM @strumelia:
Hi Gary, there are quite a few members here who love to play very early music. take a look at "Blue hand"'s page here, for instance.
02/06/11 05:32:28PM @strumelia:
Gary, I'm glad you've joined- welcome! :)
Bill Lewis
02/03/11 10:43:53AM @bill-lewis:
Welcome to FOTMD Gary, glad ya found us. Grin.gif
Jim Fawcett
02/03/11 06:35:33AM @jim-fawcett:
Hey Gary, welcome aboard. Glad ya found us.