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The Entertainer - Grant Olson

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Duration: 00:02:44
This is the first song I played in the beginning round of the recent 2019 National Dulcimer Championship.

The song is "The Entertainer", a ragtime song composed by Scott Joplin. My arrangement is based on Janita Baker's arrangement for a 4-string diatonic dulcimer. I modified the piece for my "almost chromatic" dulcimer, tuned to the standard DAd.
John Gribble
10/13/19 09:12:18PM @john-gribble:

Lovely--Very true to the original. You are one ambitious young man!

10/13/19 07:59:25AM @ariane:

This is how a champion is playing - impressing! worthy

Steven Berger
10/06/19 03:44:11AM @steven-berger:

Mr. Joplin would be proud!

Dusty Turtle
10/06/19 12:39:27AM @dusty-turtle:

You must be the love child of Scott Joplin and Jean Ritchie!  That's really nice. I love some of the harmonies and the changes in tempo and dynamics.  Very expressive!