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Rondo Alla Turca - Grant Olson

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:48
This is the first song I played in the finalist round of the 2019 National Mountain Dulcimer Championship.

The song is Rondo Alla Turca, also known as Turkish March. It is the third movement of Mozart's Piano Sonata No. 11. I arranged this song myself, working from listening and analyzing the piano score.

This is a chromatic mountain dulcimer, tuned to DGAd.

For those wondering, yes that is a cardboard *and styrofoam* dulcimer!!! The styrofoam gives it a mellower sound I think. The reason I made this dulcimer for myself is simply because I needed the chromatic fretboard and all 4 strings, and I didn't want to spend the money on a new dulcimer.

This is by far the most complex and difficult dulcimer song I know. I wish I could say I nailed it in this video, but not quite. My fingers just wouldn't do it:) However, I'm happy with how it turned out and hope you enjoy it.
10/14/19 10:08:12PM @granto:

Thank you so much everyone for your kind words and encouragement!

Dusty Turtle:

Is this a tuning you use in other tunes or did you come up with it just for this piece?

I built the chromatic dulcimer specifically to learn this song, and I kind of did 4 strings as an afterthought because why not XD. However, it is useful for this song. I picked DGAd, because that provides two familiar tunings: DAd and DGd. Having the two middle strings tuned differently allows for more complex melody across the strings rather than up and down one string. Right now I guess I made the tuning for this song, only because this is really the main song I've done with this type of dulcimer, but would certainly continue to use DAGd in future songs.


Daniel L
10/14/19 06:14:15AM @daniel-l:

Very nice and unexpected adaptation on this wonderful instrument and what interpretation clap !

Kevin R.
10/13/19 11:27:20PM @kevin-r:

Wow! That is all.

10/13/19 10:13:08PM @bob:


Dusty Turtle
10/13/19 08:11:00PM @dusty-turtle:

Well that's just fantastic.  Really amazing. I get dizzy watching your fingers. worthy

Is this a tuning you use in other tunes or did you come up with it just for this piece?

Part of me has the same reaction as Joseph II in Amadeus : "too many notes." rofl

Salt Springs
10/13/19 03:37:37PM @salt-springs:

Steven Berger:

Gee, Granto, why don't you play something difficult next time?whistle

Wait to you hear my rendition of Rhody Aunto will truly inspire folk too!

Salt Springs
10/13/19 01:58:54PM @salt-springs:

Ain't sure he is human...........just say'n.  Regardless, two thumbs up and a double finger snap!!!!


Robin Thompson
10/13/19 12:38:23PM @robin-thompson:

Super cool!  (Sometimes, that box sounds like a harpsichord.)  No wonder you won Winfield-- well deserved, Grant!

Steven Berger
10/13/19 12:23:30PM @steven-berger:

Gee, Granto, why don't you play something difficult next time?whistle

10/13/19 08:34:18AM @garret-olberding:

Holy smokes!  Now that is some virtuosic playing!  I'm sincerely impressed.  It'll take me a while to follow the fingering.  If only there were TAB!  I would so want to try to play this!  Thank you, Grant, for sharing your music!

10/12/19 11:32:05PM @irene:

FABULOUS PLAYING and on your cardboard dulcimer....wayyyyyyyy cool.   A chromatic dulcimer is more like a guitar on your lap.   Thank you for sharing and telling us of your made dulcimer here.   aloha, irene