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Be Thou My Vision - Flute and Dulcimer

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:01:54
This is another duet arrangement I made. Thank you to my friend Martha for playing the flute with me! This is one of my favorite hymns.
07/12/20 04:06:21PM @strumelia:

Wow I hadn't seen this before. This is a beautiful arrangement of a beautiful tune. 
I love how you alternate with the two instruments trading melody and harmony back and forth... I especially love when the flute plays the harmony part here.  flutedulcimer

The combo of you two and your instruments is so lovely!    

Becky park
05/12/20 06:04:05PM @becky-park:

Very pretty! I haven't heard them played together--

01/23/20 10:18:15PM @leny-sue:

One of my favorites, as well, Grant. A beautiful arrangement and performance. 

Sue Small
01/17/20 09:59:03AM @sue-small:

Lovely!! Thank you both!


01/12/20 09:04:51PM @irene:

BOTH very well done and a joy to listen too.  I made several harps for blind people and this became one of my signature songs I love to play on the on the dulcimer.  aloha, irene 

Cynthia Wigington
01/12/20 07:38:24AM @cynthia-wigington:

This is one of my favorites as well and it is a lovely arrangement with flute and beautifully played you two. Maybe you could do the Jacques Ibert flute and guitar duet Entre'Acte? That would be  a fun one.

Terry Wilson
11/25/19 09:17:07AM @terry-wilson:

Sweet.  Love ❤️ the dulcimer, but the flute is beyond special.

Thanks for posting.

Steven Berger
11/24/19 11:45:05PM @steven-berger:

clapthumbsup !!!