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The Drunken Hiccups

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:04:30
This is fiddle tune I learned from listening to it on Pandora. It was played by Tommy Jarrell. Here is the recording I listened to, where he explains the name:

This is an old video of him actually playing:

If you like the song, I encourage you too look at one of these, as the words are also fun.
I thought it was a cool tune and works well on the dulcimer. (Actually to be honest it's a simple tune but it got stuck in my head). I know I don't have every note down exact, but it's close. I also did some variation and improvising:) You can see I make use of my high A string as well.
01/19/20 05:20:18AM @sam:

I know a lot of credit goes to your extraordinary playing, but I LOVE that little dulcimer. The fretting must be very precise and correct. I don't see too well, is it chromatic?


Dusty Turtle
01/18/20 08:50:46PM @dusty-turtle:

This is great. You show how much can be don with a relatively simple tune. Your picking hand has a soft, precise touch, and I really like that hybrid picking you do at times. 

Steven Berger
01/12/20 05:00:24AM @steven-berger:

Ditto wdat Irene says!thumbsup

01/11/20 10:14:45PM @irene: must practice and play 4 plus hours per day.   Thanks for sharing with us all.   aloha, irene