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Cello Suite 1 - Gigue - Bach

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:01:44
Here's the final section of Bach's cello suite 1!!! I apologize it wasn't done last weekend, I attempted to record it then and realized I could not play it will. I spent the past week practicing it more, and except for 1 unfortunate mistake, I think this turned out well.

My plan now is to, in the next few weeks or so, record the entire song in one go on my blue lion dulcimer. I will obviously need to practice more, and I am working on a nicer mic system so the sound quality is as good as possible.

This is a dulcimer I made out of cardboard and styrofoam; it is tuned to DAD with a VSL of 58cm, or 22.8in.

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Jan Potts
05/06/21 12:57:16AM @jan-potts:


Brian G.
04/28/21 06:01:48PM @brian-g:

Love this!  Well done.

Robin Thompson
04/26/21 07:45:41PM @robin-thompson:

Bravo!  Grant, this is as lovely as the other sections of JSB's cello suite 1 which you've already played!  You are adventurous for even attempting the series and that you play them all so very well is amazing and delightful.  

04/26/21 01:47:45PM @strumelia:

Dusty made an important point. It's hard enough to play like this technically. But Grant, you manage to do it while also playing with feeling. I especially love the occasional 'lifting' pauses.
Just lovely!

Dusty Turtle
04/26/21 11:16:22AM @dusty-turtle:

You play with both technical precision and feeling, Grant.  Nicely done.