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Marche Pour la Ceremonie des Turcs - Mountain Dulcimer!

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:01:49
This is a fun song I learned on the recommendation of one of my patrons. (Thank you!) I've really enjoyed it. Here's the video I worked from:

It took a while to boil it down into something playable, but I think this did the trick.

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I apologize for the un-ideal camera angle, but it's hard to get it perfect and this was a good take so I prioritized audio over visuals.

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Cristian Huet
12/09/21 06:59:56AM @cristian-huet:

whaouh ! :-)

12/07/21 11:26:52PM @studentofrhythm:

I've loved this tune for a long time - delightful rendition!

Peter Corser
10/25/21 05:29:03PM @peter-corser:

Brilliant. I 've watched that video so many times, but never expected to hear the tune on a dulcimer.

Pierre-Yves Donnio
10/16/21 02:44:04PM @pierre-yves-donnio:

clap This tune was composed in 1670 by Jean-Baptiste Lully for the Molière's musical comedy Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme