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Location: Britany
Country: FR

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Cristian Huet
07/10/14 02:16:46AM @cristian-huet:

thanks every body. I'm happy you like my job.Smile.gif

Dana R. McCall
11/18/10 11:14:53PM @dana-r-mccall:
Cristian, I am at a loss for words! And if you knew me you would no that is a miracle. I can't stop watching you play it is beautiful. I loved song for Kieran. Your strum tech. was fasinating to watch. Looking forward to more of your videos. 113.gif
Cristian Huet
10/31/10 09:23:02AM @cristian-huet:
thank's a lot everybody for all these comments. it's a real pleasure for me. I'll put some other videos in a few days... or weeks !...or when I have enough time...but I don't forget you.And if you have plans or ideas for that, I should come and play on stage in usa, during 10 days or 2 weeks, with great pleasure.Smile.gif
John Tipton
10/29/10 12:55:24PM @john-tipton:
I've see your videos before. I really like how you've adapted the Dulcimer to playing with an ensemble. I'm listening to your Myspace page now, You are an Incredible player.
06/24/10 02:11:20PM @strumelia:
Cristian, votre English et plus meilleur que mon Francais!
Scotty Lee Shuffield
06/24/10 12:13:49PM @scotty-lee-shuffield:
Thank you for your music...enjoy!Scooter
Flint Hill
06/24/10 07:48:16AM @flint-hill:
Welcome Cristian. I'm a big fan of your music and I am glad to see you here!
John Henry
06/24/10 07:06:48AM @john-henry:
Welcome Cristian, glad that you have joined us. I have spent many happy times in Britany, if I did'nt live in the UK I would wish to live somewhere in Morbihan perhaps, I have played dulcimer there at some of the small village festivals, also at the Fete des Brodeuses, Pont-L-ABBE. Enjoy your time here. JohnH
Cristian Huet
06/24/10 05:44:16AM @cristian-huet:
hello. thanks a lot. it's cool here. all poeple say "hello". I like that. it's cool.(apologise : you see... my english is very bad ! Smile.gif )
Scotty Lee Shuffield
06/22/10 01:33:12PM @scotty-lee-shuffield:
Bienvenu au good to have you here!Scooter
Carla Maxwell
06/22/10 09:44:02AM @carla-maxwell:
Welcome! It's nice to continue our connection in another dulcimer place.
Dusty Turtle
06/21/10 09:02:02PM @dusty-turtle:
Bienvenu au FOTMD, Cristian. Ta musique me plait beaucoup. Il y a plus que 20 ans, j'ai passe quelques mois a Rennes, mais je n'ai appris aucun mot de Breton.
Bill Lewis
06/21/10 02:43:17PM @bill-lewis:
Welcome to FOTMD Cristian. Grin.gif
06/21/10 01:10:27PM @strumelia:
Welcome Cristian!