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Location: Fountaintown, IN
Country: US

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Janis Lewman
05/26/19 09:18:11PM @janis-lewman:

Recently acquired an all-walnut McSpadden - beautiful tone, although different from my well-aged Bill Taylor dulcimer.  DAD tuning remains a struggle - brain doesn't tell fingers to move fast enough on all those chord changes.  Another local group is more focused on DAA, etc. plus we're learning 'modes'.  An entirely new world, but so much for this old brain to absorb. One must keep working at it!!

Janis Lewman
02/27/16 07:16:11PM @janis-lewman:

Who knew, a little over a year ago, what a life changing event I'd experience!  I was invited to sit in with a group near New Castle Indiana, now known as Chords of Friendship.  Small world - many of them seemed to know each other and turns out they are retired teachers and taught my kids.  All survived!  The group has grown, outgrown several locations for practice, and keeps going.  Periodic requests for the group to play have provided joy to the audiences and us too.  Most show up for the weekly practice sessions way ahead of time, anxious to get started.  Great group of people, various levels of proficiency, very supportive of each other through life's struggles, but we keep going.

Janis Lewman
01/04/12 09:55:17PM @janis-lewman:

Success story. Friend at church expressed interest in learning to play so we visited the closest dulcimer shop just 'to look'. She ended up taking a walnut Ginger McSpadden home with her and later shared with me that as soon as she walked in the shop door, that dulcimer was beckoning her to come take it home with her. Honest, I just wanted her to look, listen and see what she thought...no pressure! It's just her size. Too bad she doesn't have computer access. I think she would love this site.

John Keane
06/24/11 07:51:26PM @john-keane:
Janis, you posted awhile back that you never saw any FOTMD folks at Dulcimerville and I tried to give you a hint that I recognized you from your picture. We were in the same class each day (Neal's group). I even wore my FOTMD buttons each day. In the photo, I'm the guy standing by Neal (to his right in the photo, left in real life 40_members.jpg?width=530 ...my wife is on the front row).
02/16/11 09:30:26PM @strumelia:
Janis, how nice that you've joined. Welcome! :)
Jim Fawcett
02/16/11 12:04:15PM @jim-fawcett:
Welcome aboard, Janis. Glad ya found us.
Bill Lewis
02/15/11 08:04:43PM @bill-lewis:
Welcome to FOTMD Janis, glad ya found us. Grin.gif