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Location: Ipswich
Country: GB

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John Turner
@john-turner • 3 days ago
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John Turner
@john-turner • one week ago • comments: 7
Posted a new Comment on Lord Gregory:
"That's a lovely sound and style you have Janene. Puts me in mind of the great " Nic Jones " guitar sound. Great traditional song too! Excellent ! John..."
John Turner
@john-turner • 2 weeks ago • comments: 8
Posted a new Comment on Banks Of The Lee - Irish folk melody:
"Thank you Dan Evans for that lovely instrumental version. I haven't been hear for quite a while but what a nice return! Most enjoyable Dan. John Turner."

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06/16/15 12:21:09PM @macaodha:

Good to hear from you John, Val.

01/07/14 04:09:36PM @macaodha:

Good to see you here.

john p
04/26/11 07:36:35PM @john-p:

Thanks for the comments John.

I don't get to the clubs as much as I used too either, but at least the tunes don't fade away :)

john p

01/31/11 04:56:26AM @foggers:

Ooo hello from Derbyshire! The nearest FOTMD person I can think of to you in Ipswich is Marion Seaman who is somewhere in Cambs.... not exactly down the road I know.

You might want to join the UK Nonsuch Dulcimer club; for a small fee there are newsletters, events etc

John Shaw
01/24/11 03:19:54PM @john-shaw:

Exciting news about your Ginger, John.

Regarding other instruments, the only other ones I play are a bit of guitar and bass guitar - plus a bit of Hungarian zither ('citera' in Hungarian), a European relative of the MD.

John Shaw
01/22/11 04:43:42PM @john-shaw:

Thanks for your generous comments about my recordings, John.

The all-cherry dulcimer is a "normal" scale length - 27.25". (It's what I'm playing on 'William Winter's Waltz' and 'Blackbirds and Thrushes'.) Actually, I don't own it any more. I decided to thin the herd a little, and I decided that I could get pretty much the same kind of sound from my other dulcimers. John Henry bought it from me, so I still get to hear it sometimes! (It's one of only two MDs in his collection that he didn't make himself.)

My only short scale dulcimer is my Ron Ewing dulcimette, which has a scale length of 17.5", and is tuned an octave higher than normal range. (I play it mainly in DAd and DGd.) I've never played a Ginger, but I really like the sound of them in some of the videos on this site; Mark Gilston, for instance, has put up some really good ones. Enjoy yours when it comes!

John Shaw
01/19/11 01:15:37PM @john-shaw:
Welcome, John, from another English player. Like John Henry, I live in Bristol - so we get together a fair bit.
John Henry
01/15/11 06:48:27PM @john-henry:

Hello John, thanks for your reply and comment on my dulcimers, yes, I made 'em all. You say you are about to get a McSpadden, who made your others?


01/12/11 12:55:29PM @strumelia:
John, a warm welcome to you. :)
John Henry
01/10/11 07:04:11PM @john-henry:

Hello John, a belated welcome to FOTMD, from the 'UK and Eur. group' within FOTMD. Somehow missed you yesterday, maybe catch you playing somewhere, someday, tho' Bristol is some way from Ipswich!!! You might want to also have a look at 'The Nonsuch Dulcimer Club' which so far as I know is the only UK based collection of players.(open to anyone tho!) best wishes


Jim Fawcett
01/09/11 04:48:40PM @jim-fawcett:
Hey John, welcome aboard. Glad ya found us.
Bill Lewis
01/09/11 10:20:03AM @bill-lewis:
Welcome to FOTMD John. Grin.gif