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Location: Canton, Ohio
Country: U.S.

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Pigtown Fling

Pigtown Fling

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musician/member name: With Dennis Kempthorne

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Pigtown Fling is an Irish hornpipe, also called Stony Point. I learned it from the playing of Leo Kretzner on the album of that name. My friend Dennis Kempthorne played guitar on this track.
04/04/19 01:30:38PM @strumelia:

Nice energy, with good solid rhythm!  Well played John.

04/04/19 06:19:34AM @ariane:

Bravo to you, John and Dennis!

Robin Thompson
03/28/19 04:03:03PM @robin-thompson:

Very nicely played, John!  I do not recall before hearing the tune yet my guitar-playing husband says he's heard it.  :)

03/28/19 10:54:37AM @macaodha:

Absolutely beautiful. Wonderful playing.

Steven Berger
03/27/19 09:05:41PM @steven-berger:


Dusty Turtle
03/27/19 09:04:03PM @dusty-turtle:

How charming!  Very nice playing.

03/27/19 07:31:52PM @elvensong:

Wonderful all around: the passionate play, the excellent recording and the tune. Fantastic!