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Laurel Falls (You Are Here)

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A dulcimer-based tune "about" Laurel Falls, a beautiful spot on the Appalachian Trail in Carter County, Tennessee. The movie gets there via a leisurely strol...
Jud Barry
06/07/14 05:25:45PM @jud-barry:

This is indeed a wonderful and inspiring place, Nila! All the styles, songs, and interests on display, and the vibrancy and friendliness of the interaction--I don't know of another place like it. The dulcimer itself--with its welcoming simplicity that at the same time encourages experimentation--seems to possess the charm.

Jud Barry
05/30/14 01:41:39PM @jud-barry:

Paddle 'n' play, filipinouker! I'd recommend a portage around the falls, tho, unless you've got some lives to spare3.gif

05/30/14 05:50:15AM @filipinouker:

*Super video* !!! Fab playing! And I feel like I could just kayak down that riverSmile.gif

Jud Barry
05/28/14 07:07:17PM @jud-barry:

Thank you, Carolyn!

Carolyn Fleming
05/28/14 05:56:27PM @carolyn-fleming:

nice job

Jud Barry
05/28/14 11:15:51AM @jud-barry:

I appreciate the look and the listen, Helen!

Helen Seiler
05/27/14 11:46:35PM @helen-seiler:

Great job Jud, I really like this.

Jud Barry
05/27/14 03:59:28PM @jud-barry:

Thanks, Patty!Grin.gif

Patty from Virginia
05/26/14 10:20:52PM @patty-from-virginia:


Jud Barry
05/25/14 09:40:41PM @jud-barry:

I appreciate that, Carrie! Glad you enjoyed it!

Jud Barry
05/24/14 10:15:39PM @jud-barry:

Thank you, Edward!

Jud Barry
05/24/14 04:27:20PM @jud-barry:

Thanks, John and Dusty! And Rick: I live not too far away, but don't get over to the AT as much as I'd like. Whenever I do drive through Happy Valley, though, I think about the name and can't help but smile.

Dusty Turtle
05/24/14 02:43:03PM @dusty-turtle:

I like the tune, I like the film, I like the dulcimer demo.

John Keane
05/24/14 01:12:51PM @john-keane:

Nice job!

Rick Kennedy
05/24/14 11:42:38AM @rick-kennedy:

Great interpretation! Makes me homesick--I used to teach in Carter County (Unaka and Happy Valley).Grin.gif

Jud Barry
05/24/14 11:00:19AM @jud-barry:

The first part of this is a slowed-down, tabbed "performance" for anyone who'd like to learn the tune.Smile.gif