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Wildwood Flower

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Duration: 00:02:13
An upside the head experiment: the traditional song played with an "upside down" noter style by means of the "bent-noter" technique on the Appalachian dulcimer, using only the drone strings for the melody/countermelody.
Jud Barry
06/09/15 02:21:36PM @jud-barry:
Nice to have this wildwood flower go to seed :-)
Lexie R Oakley
06/08/15 03:58:16PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Jud, very nice playing and show casing the bent noter style.41.gif

Some one was recently speaking of this technique with using the noter and sense it is the monthly tune, I thought I would repost this wonderful song.Smile.gif

Jud Barry
09/04/14 07:51:03AM @jud-barry:

Thanks, Jennifer! Glad you think so!Grin.gif

Jennifer Wren
09/02/14 11:15:47PM @jennifer-wren:

That sounds really great!

Jud Barry
08/29/14 12:17:10PM @jud-barry:

Geekling, I'm delighted you enjoyed it!113.gif

Jud Barry
08/26/14 07:35:57PM @jud-barry:

Thank you, John and Colleen! It's the closest I ever got to blowing bubblesGrin.gif

Colleen Hailey
08/26/14 04:49:47PM @colleen-hailey:

Really great! As someone who can't walk and chew gum simultaneously, I admire your use of the harmonica as accompaniment.

John Keane
08/26/14 07:12:46AM @john-keane:

Just plain cool!

Jud Barry
08/24/14 07:50:38PM @jud-barry:

Thanks Guy and John for your encouraging wordsSmile.gif

John Henry
08/24/14 11:31:03AM @john-henry:
Nice one Jud ! Great to see others 'departing from the norm' !
Guy Babusek
08/24/14 11:05:18AM @guy-babusek:

Nice one!!

Jud Barry
08/24/14 11:00:58AM @jud-barry:
If you look at this and think, "more like noxious weed," all I can say is you need to try this upside down noter style if you haven't already. Then you'll be asking for fertilizer :-)