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Country: US

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02/21/19 05:34:22PM @susie:

Yes, I hang out here, a fun place to spend some time. Good conversation.

02/21/19 02:51:22PM @susie:

Hi Lei! Do you ever poke around here anymore? 

07/04/13 09:49:14PM @susie:

Looking forward to seeing you at Evart!

11/30/12 08:57:15PM @susie:

Just wanted to say hello, friend!

07/08/12 05:23:32PM @susie:

Hi Lei, yes, I'm getting excited for Evart. I head down there next Sunday. I'll even have the doggies to keep me company. Got my campsite all reserved and am looking forward to it. Wish you were going to be there. Maybe next year.

03/18/12 03:55:56PM @susie:
Hi Lei.How are you doing? Getting alot of practice in? How's the flute coming along? Sure wish you can make it to Evart and/or Midland.Hugs!
02/21/12 08:26:57AM @susie:
Hi there! Thank you for the greeting...it was so nice hearing from you. I'm doing well, looking forward to syrup season, Evart and Midland. I sure hope you can make it to either, or both. I'd love to meet up with you again. Hope all is well for you.Hugs right back at ya! Susie
Gale A Barr
10/18/11 10:02:06AM @gale-a-barr:
Thanks for the greetings! Looking forward to learning from everybody here....
09/05/11 12:23:12PM @susie:
Went ahead and joined FOTMD. So here I am. Susie
Bill Lewis
05/31/11 09:37:17AM @bill-lewis:
Leila, I'm sorry i haven't repliyed back sooner. We have been on vacation. The only club i know of is the Wannabees that meet in Gregory on Thursday nights. I will look for a contact name if you want. I have not been there in a while as the person that was leading the beginers stop doing it. Grin.gif
Bill Lewis
05/27/11 07:50:56AM @bill-lewis:
Welcome to FOTMD Leila, glad ya found us. Grin.gif
John Keane
05/26/11 05:29:59PM @john-keane:
Hi and welcome to the FOTMD universe!
Jim Fawcett
05/26/11 12:39:45PM @jim-fawcett:
Hey Leila, welcome aboard. Glad ya found us.