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Ode to Joy

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Duration: 00:02:11
Ode to Joy on mountain dulcimer, DAd arrangements by Anne Lough. She offers a modulation from D to G without a capo. In the video, G begins at the 0:56 mark. For the tabs, see

The lyrics that Beethoven used and variations since then speak of unity. The American author Henry van Dyke named his version Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee. On Mother’s Day, we celebrate matriarchs who unite families with love. The idea to choose Beethoven’s song to celebrate mothers surfaced from a recent special visit with siblings and these sing-along words:

Come and sing a joyful chorus,
Lift your voices to the sky.
Helping hands now join in friendship,
Keeping hearts and spirits high.
Sister, brother, care for each other,
Care for the world and keep it free.
Come together, sing together,
As a peaceful family.
Pete Babechuk
05/09/22 09:09:30PM @pete-babechuk:

Beautiful instrument. Nice playing.

Robin Thompson
05/09/22 04:42:28PM @robin-thompson:

Very pretty, Lisa C! 

Lisa C
05/09/22 03:25:46AM @lisa-c:

Celebrating all sweet mothers!