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The Days of Kerry Dancing

musician/member name: People & Blogs
Duration: 00:01:19
The Days of Kerry Dancing on mountain dulcimer, DAd arrangement by Ben Seymour. For the tab, see Played in CGc tuning.

Written by J. L. Molloy (1837-1909), an Irish composer, poet, and author. His song speaks of younger days and the happiness and joy that dancing brought to the lives of so many. This song makes me think of the lead dancer in our family—brother Michael—whose spirit and talent continue to serve as a role model for us all.
Robin Thompson
07/31/22 06:05:44PM @robin-thompson:

Very pretty, Lisa C!  

Lisa C
07/31/22 05:30:16PM @lisa-c:

Celebrating all those who love to dance for the happiness and joy it brings to you and others.