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For Ireland I’d Not Tell Her Name

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Duration: 00:01:27
For Ireland I’d Not Tell Her Name on mountain dulcimer, arrangement by Linda Brockinton. Played in 1-5-8 (CGc) in celebration of St. Patrick's Day and Linda's birthday soon thereafter.

This song is an old Irish air, written by John Barry Oge from County Kerry. The ballad is considered an allegory because has a broader meaning—i.e., not plainly set forth in the narrative. The story behind the tune has a few different versions. The common thread is that a young man falls secretly in love with a beautiful damsel in distress (seemingly meaning Ireland). After she is gone, he pens this song with only her in mind and yet resists revealing her name. One could imagine him to be like an unsung hero, willing to risk his life during troubled times and wisely knowing when to refrain from full expression.


Last eve as I wandered quiet near
To the border's of my little farm
A beautiful maiden appeared
Whose loveliness caused my heart's harm

By her daring and love smitten sour
And the words from her sweet lips that came
To meet her I raced the field o'er
But for Ireland I'd not tell her name

If this beauty but my words would heed
The words that I speak would be true
I'd help her in every need
And indeed all her work I would do

To win one fond kiss from my love
I'd read her romances of fame
Her champion I daily would prove
But for Ireland I'd not tell her name

There's a beautiful stately young maid
At the nearing of my little farm
She's welcoming kind unafraid
Her smile is both childlike and warm

Her gold hair in masses that grows
Like amber and sheen is that same
And the bloom in her cheeks like the rose
But for Ireland I'd not tell her name

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03/24/23 12:19:23PM @ariane:

Very beautiful, Lisa 

Rob N Lackey
03/22/23 05:34:07AM @rob-n-lackey:

Lovely playing on a great tune!

Lisa C
03/20/23 08:12:51PM @lisa-c:

Thank you for watching and caring encouragement.  Am hoping it brings extra joy to Linda's 76th birthday tomorrow. :)

Gordon Hardy
03/17/23 01:15:50PM @gordon-hardy:

This is lovely Lisa! Thank you for sharing.

03/17/23 12:06:51PM @dulcidom:

I love this melody heart . Very nice and sweet playing. Thank you and happy St. Patrick's Day !